Cosmic Timeline [Human Perspective]

Moon Landing
Date: 1969

Beginning of Fusion Age [P6]
Date: 2035
The need for sustainable energy and depletion of Earth’s resources led to a time of peace and technologic boom in order to maintain the human species.

Colonization of Mars
Date: 2050
The human race needed new areas to cultivate food and resources. This caused the colonization of Mars.

Colonization of Earth’s Moon
Date: 2150
Due to a new surplus of lands and resources from Mars, the human race had a brief period of population growth. The moon was the next logical spot.

Beginning of Gravity Age [P7]
Date: 2323
By this time, humans have colonized every inhabitable planet and moon in their solar system. The enormous influx of resources gave way to a renaissance-like era and a break through in the Gravity Age.

First Manned Flight Outside the Solar System
Date: 2335
1,500 brave souls aboard the Starship Curiosity and make the first flight outside the solar system and beyond.

First Contact
Date: 2572
Starship Curiosity eventually makes it to the next solar system after a few generations and makes first contact. In 2572, some of the crew and the Fraal reach Earth’s solar system.

Beginning of Energy Age
Date: 2600
With the help of the Fraal, human technology easily excels into the Energy Age.

First Mix-Species Born
Date: 2610
Fraal-Human girl named Lucy was born in 2610, numerous followed. This provoked many extremist and religious groups.

Aliens Rights Act
Date: 2611
After a year of discrimination, protests, and limited violence, the United Solar System of Earth passed a bill giving aliens equal rights to humans.

Acceptance into the Milky Way Alliance
Date: 2615
Seeing humans have the ability for compassion and change, they are accepted by the numerous species within the MWA. With this acceptance comes the first jump gate, allowing humans to instantaneously jump to other ends of the solar system.

Space Plague
Date: 2625
The dreaded space plague manifests on the edge of Earth’s solar system on the shores of Pluto.

Evacuation of Solar System
Date: 2628
The space plague finally reaches Earth’s moon and the remaining population evacuates. The jump gates are shut down in fear of spreading the plague to other systems. The population must wait in between our system and the next system, Tengi.

The Three Factions War
Date: 2630
While waiting for approval to move into the Tengi System, a war broke out. The Children of Three (Earth), the Outworlders, and the Youth. The war obliterates ¾ of the population. The war only last three years.

Tengi Solar System
Date: 2635
The Tengi System finally allows for human refugees. They are given a cluster of moons in the Bha’ Li territory, making them act very unfriendly towards humans.

Settling Moon One
Date: 2636
The first moon is settled. Farms and industries begin to pop up.

Settling Entire Moon Cluster
Date: 2900
The rest of the moons are settled and established. The population is finally stable, trade begins, and resources are steady.

Shamballa Established
Date: 3200
The High City of Shamballa is built above the moon cluster. The gap between the rich and poor becomes extreme. Each moon has some hazard from pollution due to over industrialization. The rich escape by building a city above it all.

First Mutant Born
Date: 3285
First humanoid mutants are born, presumably because of extreme atmospheres on the moons.

First Worker Riots
Date: 3300
The gap grows and more mutants are being brought into the universe. This enrages the masses and starts one of many worker riots.

Present Day
Date: 3500

Cosmic Timeline [Human Perspective]

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